Large Safewater reportage in Cameroon's National News

Recently, Cameroon's National News Channel made a 17-minute report on Safeman and the unique water purification product "Safewater". 

Drinkable water is in short supply in Africa and many other parts of the world. For that reason, Cameroon's national news program wanted Stephan Bengtsson, CEO of Safeman, to be a guest in the studio to talk about Safeman's different project.

A big part of the news sendingtime was used to talk about Safeman and especially about the invention of Safewater and how it works. Safewater has received positive attention in several African countries and the result has become a increased number of orders.

We are deeply proud to offer a better, healthier life for people who are in great need of it. Safewater is a product that makes a difference!