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Safewater 480 LH is easy to use with a capacity to purify 480 liters of safe drinking water per hour.

Just by using the sun, Safewater 480 LH creates clean and safe drinking water.

Safewater 480 LH is designed for installation near a water source, e.g well or water container. It is designed to kill bacteria out of clear fresh­water in a simple and safe way. Safewater 480 LH is environmentally friendly and without chemicals or heavy metals.


The degree of water purification

The technologies comply with international standards for drinking water, with regards to eliminate total coliforms, faecal coliforms and e-coli.

The purification rate is dependent on the equipment being used, treated and maintained according to the manual and the quality of the raw water.

”To be considiered raw water, should be a clear freshwater with low humus and turbidity.”

The Safewater 480 LH may only be used to clear water! Safewater 480 LH does not take out metal or chemichals of the water. It kills bacterias only.


Technical data:

Box material: Aluminium

Box size: 1250 x 650 x 350 mm (millimeters)

Weight: x kg

Capacity: 480 l/hour (in normal use)

Solar panels: Dimensions 1200x600x30 mm (millimeters)

Battery: Capacity 24 V, 50 Ah

Battery charger: Power charge 8 A

UVC-LED light: Free from mercury.

”All electrical components are powered by a battery, charged by either solar cells or by connecting to existing power gris (this is set to 220V AC).”

Safewater 480 LH is powered by two 12 V battery (serial coupled) and charged either by solar power or main voltage. The main voltage may be 220V AC voltage. Power supply operation does not require the solar panels to be connected. During solar operation, the battery is continuously charged through the solar panels.

Safewater 480 LH is constructed for clear water purification at an air temperature between 5 and 50 degrees centigrade.

Product task

The principle is based on using UVC-LED light to remove bacterias, viruses and parasites in the water. Water is pumped through a particle filter and an active carbon filter to remove particles and bad smell and taste. In order to check that sufficient purification is carried out, during this process, the UVC-LED intensity is measured. If the intensity falls below needed level, the device will alert and the pump turns off. This ensures that no unclean water comes out of the Safewater 480 LH .

The work environment

The equipment does not require use of personal protection or protective devices, however it is recommended to wear protective gloves during all maintenance work.

Electrical equipment and safety system

Safewater 480 LH has a built-in security system that interrupts the cleaning process if essential devices are not working properly. It is therefore important not to change or disconnect any of the electrical components as this may cause error.


Safewater quarantees that the machine to which this operating manual belongs has been designed and built in accordance with the applicable safety regulations.

The byer is replaced by warranty only for replacement component, not
for the deposit or transport of these.

One (1) year warranty, from purchase date, on the machine except filters as they are consumables.

The lifecycle of the filters depends on the quality of the raw water.

In order for the warranty to be valid for securing the function, original components must be used.
These are ordered by the manufacturer/representative.

If the product is not used accordning to the above description, the manufacturer can not quarentee the correct function and safety! The operator must read the operating instructions before use.

functionality and safety can not be quaranteed if the product is not used proberly. This means removal or change of safety devices and replacement of components not approved by the manufacturer