Our vision



Making life easier with 80 years of experience!

Rooted in the Swedish business tradition, Safeman AB counts enterprise and among its core values.

We want our customers to perceive us as innovative, technically skilled and the logical choice for the development and purchase of products in our sphere of expertise. Despite striving to gain the trust of our customers and suppliers, we’re not overly compliant.

Our commitment to people who are most in need underpins the way we think and interact with others. We enjoy taking on projects involving development of products and systems which can make life a little easier for those in difficult situations – even if they sometimes fall beyond our regular fields of expertise.

Safeman’s ambition has always been to make life easier, safer and more comfortable for people. As a result, we have created products ranging from protection gear and shelter equipment to our water purification product, Safewater.

Safewater eliminates and filters:

  • Bacteria
  • Virus
  • Chlorine resistant bacteria
  • Amoebas
  • Parasites (Bilharzia)
  • Particles
  • Air and unpleasant tastes
  • Chlorine

Safewater runs on integrated solar cells, or it can run off the electric grid. It is designed to be installed near a water source, such as a well or rainwater tank and provides quick access to clean drinking water where it is most needed.

Safewater is developed by Safeman AB in Sweden and assembled in our factories either in Sweden of Africa.

Read more about Safeman at www.safeman.se

We are deeply proud to offer a better, healthier life for people who are in great need of it. Safewater is a product that makes a difference!

Stephan Bengtsson CEO / Owner